NORTHERNERS – The Nigeria’s Problem? (Read & Share Your View)

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Nigeria’s independence from the British colonizer is no child’s play. The effort of heroic icons especially from the northern part of Nigeria cannot be undermined.
The unity, love and masterminds cooperation in a spirit of harmony that was displayed by then leaders are the impetus to today’s freedom. This is not a prejudice but a fact that needs to be known to all.

1. Northerners Has More Land Mass

It’s a known fact that the northerners occupied the largest portion of the country’s land Mass as they, alone, covered seventeen out of the thirty-six States have they in Nigeria.

2. Northerners Are Extremely Poor

A new report of the world poverty clock shows Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the most extremely poor people in the world.
According to Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), poverty was most apparent in the North of Nigeria with certain northern States having a poverty rate near 86 percent. (UNICEF).

3. Early Child Marriage & Uncontrollable Child’s Birth

There are umpteen of misconstrue and misconception about the religion under which this ethnic group dodge to perpetuate their deplorable act. They’re as follow;

* Early/child/forced marriage

According to UNICEF, Nigeria has the third-highest absolute number of child brides in the world- 3,538,000- and 11th highest prevalence rate of child marriage globally.
Factors that tethered to being mature is more of intrinsic than extrinsic element.

* Indiscriminate child’s birth

As important as reproduction is, so does its control and having proper education about it. Let me make it clear, NO RELIGION preach to marry more than one wife WITHOUT having capable to shoulder FULL responsibility EQUALLY amongst the spouses and their children.
The patriarch must provide for them, everything they need, financially, emotionally, even education-wise. It’s stated in the scripture (Qur’an): “… and if you fear you will not do justice (among them), then marry one…” (Q4: V3). 3.

* Little or no formal education

60% of northerners with some States, as an exception, have little or no former education. It’s easy to coax such people into committing crimes and other vices.
The girls, on the other hand, are being enthralled, marginalized and caged at home. They grant them no freedom of education. Once they finished the secondary school level, the next thing is to give them out for marriage.
80% of the women are completely illiterate, 50 % of men are halfway educated. Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) said: “seek for knowledge from your cradle to your grace. Even if you have to travel as far to China…”

4. Leaders and Elites

The leaders of the Northern states know this plague but refused to find a lasting solution to it. For it’s going to stand in the way for the smooth operation of their thievery and gluttony.
They want them to remain uneducated and uncivilized in order to make them dogmatic and gullible to their own political connivance.
However, I suggest the following approaches to tackling these qualms.

1. Policy making on birth control/family planning

The reason for the fastest population growth in Nigeria is due to lack of planning (which is peculiar to North) and influx of refugees.
The government should pass this into law and make it firm that no one should give birth to a child you cannot cater for.

2. Education

The government needs to look into this very well. The educational sector in the north is rotting. Only a few states like Kaduna, Adamawa, etc. can be boastful of good and quality education at the rural level.
The children of the poor also need quality education. Provide facilities that would enhance their learning. The kind of learning environment you would want your children to be in, create it for them too because if you don’t take care of the poor children, they will never allow your children to rest.

3. Constant orientation for Parents and Elders

Parents and adults in the community should be properly enlightened. The Young ones follow their ways. The religion leaders should join their hands in this.
Letting them know how important education and good information is beneficial to personal, societal and religious development.
In conclusion, I believe it’s seen and believes that the majority of Nigeria’s problem emanates from the northern part of this country.
If this is not quickly put in check, I fear, the condition of this country would be absolutely irreparable. Our prayers are to see and live a better Nigeria but prayer is inert if not back up with ACTION.
God bless Nigeria 🙏🙏🙏
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