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QUESTION OF THE DAY!! Do You Think Our Governors Are Right Or Wrong To Relax The Lockdown For Religious Reasons

It’s no News that some Governors has decided to Relax the lockdown order to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ.

Following the relaxation of the lockdown, so many Nigerians have voiced out their opinion about what most of them think is wrong during this pandemic.
One of the leading Bishop in Nigeria, Bishop Idahosa has expressed his displeasure over the relaxation by some of the governors

He Said:

One way Covid 19 can spread is when people gather in large numbers in one place. Not knowing and making mistake is one thing, but knowingly making mistakes is IGNORANCE

Peter Obi Said:

“It is wrong to relax lockdown because of people going to church. Faith is a thing of the mind. You can worship without going to church.
We should not allow that because we cannot manage it.
“Lock up Nigeria and we will solve our problems from within,” he said.
The likes of Jude OkoyeRenoFani Kayode has also reacted to this topic.

What Do You Think About This Relaxation Order By The Governors For Religious Purpose??

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