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See The Number Of People That Are Staying Indoor Globally

Nearly six out of every 10 people around the world are currently forced or urged to stay at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to an AFP count on Friday.

An AFP database shows that this concerns at least 4.5 billion people or around 58 percent of the world population which is estimated by the United Nations at 7.79 billion in 2020.
Confinement measures started to make themselves felt in-mid-March as the number of cases of the novel coronavirus soared and the pandemic spread relentlessly around the world.
By March 18 a total of 500 million people had been confined, which rose to a billion on March 23, two billion on March 24, three billion a day later and four billion on April 7.
On Friday the figures topped 4.5 billion, spanning 110 countries and territories.
Most of them, at least 2.93 billion people in 66 countries and territories, have no choice and are obliged to stay at home.

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