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While You All Are Indoor, They Are Truly Laying The 5G Cables In Lagos (Watch Video)

It’s a shame to see so many educated Nigerians believe that Coronavirus and the 5G internet are in any way related, it makes me sad.
Yesterday, I even had to put up this post so Nigerians can have their say as regards the claim that the 5G is what is killing people all over the world right now 

Coronavirus & 5G are not related in any way (My opinion)

I don’t even think they correlate at all.
There’s no connection between 5G and Coronavirus at all but as a Physics Graduate and I.T expert, I know the danger that Internet waves can cause to human health especially with the kind of wave the 5G is going to be emitting just to function properly.

Many People Claimed The Government Intentionally Locked Us Inside

A whole lot of claims are flying all over Social media that the Government intentionally locked us in so they can efficiently lay the 5G cables all around Lagos

I personally don’t believe this at all.

However, this Video I saw making rounds on Social media today is making me have a rethink and I am beginning to think there’s an atom of truth in the claim.

You all should watch this video below and see how 5G cables are been laid across some parts of Lagos.
Watch the video below:-

Fear don dey catch me oooooo
People, Can This Be True?

Please, let’s hear from your own perspective as regards this video.

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