Could This Be A Sign? My Girlfriend Always Insult Me When She Is Angry

Hi guys please I need your help on this matter.

I have a girlfriend, and she is from Nsukka, and I am from Anambra I love the and, but she is always misbehaving whenever I touch her.
She told me she doesn’t know what is love again after her first guy broke her heart.
The guy was leaving abroad and wanted to Marry her but later quit her, same thing happen with the second guy and third guy.
I thought I will make her understand all guys are not the same she keeps “All guys are the same”.
… But she later accepted that she loves me too.
I propose to her that I want to marry her, and she accepted but the problem is that she has a hot temper.
Whenever she is angry she will rain all sort of insult on me.
She always blocks me on WhatsApp each time we have misunderstanding for 4 times since I knew her.

Please What Should I Do?

Should I quit her for Good and find another girl?

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