I Am Tired! My Boyfriend Forces Me To Drink His Sperm Every Time, What Should I Do?

Joyce is 26 and dating, however, her boyfriend makes weird demands which she actually responds to but wants to stop because she hates it.

She finally approached reporters to share her story and also ask for advice from cherished readers.

Read her narration below:-

I have been dating from a couple of years now, and he isn’t my first but third.
I love him so much because we are working on getting married, however, he makes weird demands whenever we have se-x.
During se-x or even when giving him a BJ, he demands that I drink his sperm to top it all because it is fun for him.
However, I explained to him that it is never done and moreover, very uncomfortable.
We argue about it, but he never stops making such demands.
He is the first man and the first guy I have ever met that makes such demands.
We once watched p0rn together and it got to that particular scene when the guy ejaculated into the lady’s mouth, however, she didn’t have to drink it as he makes me.
To him, it is not a sin and doesn’t pose any risk to my health, but I know for sure that it will end up affecting me later on.
The worse statement to come out of his mouth was it was a protein and moreover, was going to make my teeth white according to his research.
I am currently confused because we are soon to get engaged and if this is to continue after marriage, it won’t be long for my corpse to be dropped in front of my parent’s home.
He won’t listen to any advice I give concerning this matter, however, he will listen to other sexual issues.
I am currently confused about which actions to take because we are soon to marry.

What Should I Do?

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