Teni's songs Storyline

Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni The Entertainer,She loves to call herself Teni Makanaki..This is the storyline of her music that caught the eyes of many...Here it goes 

Teni makanaki came up with an interesting "CASE" that touches the heart and soul of many people including CEEZA MILLI,who felt it too in his heart so he decided to reply her with a different side of her "CASE" as a remix with sweet & melodious notations.Everyone looks at her fashion sense and say well "DAZ HOW STAR DO" because of the "SOUND" she gives with her style & tunes,Beefers says she wore a "FAKE JERSEY but with her humorous act she winks at them with a smile saying Na you Sabi.

A guy asked about her sexuality she told him that she's a "FARGIN",The guys laughed so hard and said you that you look like a "SUGAR MUMMY" she replied him by saying Nah! Am a "SUPER WOMAN" because of my great instinct and prospect...To get her annoyed the guy called "OSAN" She raised her brow with amusement and said Am the "ASKAMAYA" of your fore-fathers.... "CHEATING" is what you do but the "POWER OF COOL" keeps me going.

You will definitely know that I love "LAGOS" as the first daughter of "LAGOS" thats why I love my "GELE" and I will "NOWO" anyhow and "PAREKE" too because am a "BILLIONAIRE" so "MR MAN" go to the "PARTY NEXT DOOR" this one is for the "OLOLO"....

After the "MURDER" I always "WAIT" in my heart to check if you have not left my memories because its a scenerio I can't relay in my mind but reality shocked me.
Haters back then where like whose car is this with amusement and I came out and said its "MINE" because of their facial expression Teni the Entertainer said Oh! You are surprised,I never gave up despite your hatred but I always "PRAY" shouting with a great zeal of "UYO MEYO" now its glaring and colorful just like "POWER RANGERS"...

"YOUR BODY" is just giving me a lot of sensitivity & sensation but the question is will I "MARRY" her, he thought....Well let me just "LOCKDOWN" for her so that I can "ISOLATE" her in my heart forever..

Woah! Woah!! Woah!!! "CHRISTMAS IS HERE" again,see how time flies

Am dedicating this to you Teniola Apata aka Teni Makanaki,Teni The Entertainer

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