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Egungun Be Careful! Advantages and disadvantages of dating a “Yahoo Boy”.

The term “Yahoo boy” is a term used to describe guys earn from creating false foreign accounts, chatting with a random foreign person and extorting money from them, they also engage in other fraudulent online activities against both those of foreign nationality and those of their nationality. Although some of them start off with fraudulent acts and later invest the income gained from that into crypto currency or some other venture, others rely solely on the “Yahoo” business. Some girls have an affinity for Yahoo boys, they proclaim that they can’t date a guy unless he is a Yahoo boy.

Now dating a Yahoo boy has its upsides and downsides, and I’m going to be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of dating a Yahoo boy below

Advantages of dating a Yahoo boy

1. Having a flashy boyfriend: If you are a type of girl that prefers having a boyfriend that is fashionable, or one that has a large stock of flashy clothes and clothing accessories, then a Yahoo boy will be on your wish list, because they are known for being very fashionable, always up-to-date in things regarding fashion, so that should be an added advantage for a girl in this category.

2. Being respected: Since Yahoo boys are often respected and feared in their area, being their girlfriend also comes with its own share of respect in the area.

3. Being well catered for: With the nature of their business, Yahoo boys tend to have large amount of funds at their disposal, so being in a relationship with them, entails that you will also be a benefactor of those resources, you will enjoy monetary benefits, and most of your material needs will be met.

4. Having better business prospects: When dating a Yahoo boy and having access to those financial resources, it is very easy to get funds to start up a business of your own, so even if the relationship crashes later in future, you’ll still be able to stand on your own.

Disadvantages of dating a Yahoo boy.

1. Risk of being implicated: Since the activities of Yahoo boys are illegal, they are always at loggerheads with law enforcement agencies, and if they are to be caught one day, being intimate with them may entail you being seen as an accomplice, and you may have to face the penalty for that.

2. Risk of being used for rituals: With people becoming smarter these days, it has started becoming difficult to fraud them, so some Yahoo boys have resorted to going through diabolical means to achieve their aims, and most times sacrifices are needed to complete the spells/rituals, and sometimes the sacrifices may include human beings, or young virgin girls, and being close to them may put you in danger of being used.

3. Having to deal with unfaithfulness: I’m not trying to put forward a stereotype here, but you all can agree with me that Yahoo boys are not known for being faithful in relationships, because with the amount of funds at their disposal, that attracts a whole of lot of girls scrambling for their attention, and sometimes they may give in, so being in a relationship with them may mean that you have to deal with other girls in the picture.

4. No time for you: Based on the time and nature of their business, Yahoo boys may find it hard to actually have time for their girlfriends, since they are work late into the night and are frequently busy, being a girlfriend to a Yahoo boy may have to come with enduring neglect sometimes.

Therefore before going into a relationship with a Yahoo boy, you may want to actually ponder on these options, and decide whether you’re going to be able to cope, although not all of them are that way, you still have to be careful.

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