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HAPPY SUNDAY! Can One Be A Sinner And Still Love God?

Can a man be a sinner and still fears, love and believe God?
Yes he fornicates, he lies but he fears God. He believes there is a God that lives in heaven, he believes that there is judgment.

He hopes to repent one day.

For example; a man that starts stealing because he is poor and has a family to feed.

He has tried many things but not working for him, and the result in stealing.

In his mind, he loves God but the situation won’t make him stop stealing…

He fears the repercussions of sin, but he can’t stop, but he hopes to stop it one day and be forgiven.

He is not happy seeing himself steal and disobeying God’s command, but he has no alternative because he has to feed his family…

Let’s just say he is the sinner of circumstances (if he had money, he would not have stolen to eat)

Question is: Can a man love God, fear God, believes in God but still sin?

If anyone can answer this too;

Question 2; Can a man life be precious to God more than the ministry?

E.g: God told Mr Ifeanyi that the ministerial work that he has been appointed for has been given to Mr kunle because Mr Ifeanyi life is more precious to Him (God) than the Ministry.

Can One Be A Sinner And Still Love God?

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