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WizKid’s “Made In Lagos” Vs Davido’s “A Better Time” – Whose Album Are You Anticipating The Most?

The two most expected albums are from two rivals who also lay hold to the industry’s two biggest fanbases, Wizkid FC and 30BG.

WizKid has long promised Made In Lagos since 2018. He had promised it would be released that year, but the project got delayed, and with snippets and WizKid himself saying the album is done, all coast seems clear for a 2020 release.

In what’s a surprise to many, Davido has estimated July for the release of his 3rd studio album, “A Better Time“, coming just after the iconic “A Good Time“. He’s also confirmed Nicki Minaj to be on the album.

These two albums are the two most anticipated projects in the music industry right now and will surely help export Nigerian music to other parts of the world.

But to you,

Whose Album Are You Anticipating The Most?

WizKid’s Made In Lagos or Davido’s A Better Time?

Let’s see whose album you can’t wait to hear.

Drop your comments.

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