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After Reading This Post & You Still Think “Yahoo Yahoo” Or “Hushpuppi” Is Good Then “You’re Not Okay” 😡

Well, it’s not a new thing that some countries around the world have ruled out Nigerians from part of people they’re allowed to come into their country. But now it’s now worse as UAE joined the shortlist.

UAE mega-city, Dubai is one of the most visited places by many Nigerians in terms of Tourist and balling. On yearly basis hundreds of thousands Nigerian commute in and out of the country without any hassles.
Shortly after the arrest of One Ramon Igbalode aka Hushupuppi seems everything took a new turn to a very bad side and it’s already telling on many Nigerians trying to legitimately source for a greener pasture.
The image of Nigerians has been dented so bad that multiple institutions abroad, especially in Dubai, have started rejecting Nigerians who are applying for school or jobs.
To prevent Nigerians from applying at all, a number of these companies added a clause in their job adverts stating that candidates of every nationality can apply except Nigerians.
A vacancy for merchandisers was advertised by Shirley Recruitment Consultants in Dubai. However, they stated that they do not want Nigerians.
“Male or female African candidates except for Nigerians,” one job advert from Dubai reads.
Another reads: “Candidates of every nationality, except Nigerians, should apply.”
To make matters worse, Nigerian students are also affected.
A Nigerian who applied to SANS Technology Institute in the US was denied admission because he stated that he’s from Nigeria.
A Nigerian applying for a tourist visa to Dubai also shared a screenshot of the rejection mail he got telling him that “Nigerian passport holders are not permitted to obtain a tourist visa to the UAE in the meantime.”
Nigerians have blamed the discrimination on the activities of criminals who give Nigerians a bad name abroad.
You see for yourself that if at this stage in life you still think Yahoo Yahoo activity is justifiable due to the bad governance of our Government or that the white once stole from us too then you’re one of those spoiling the future for our unborn kids.
I won’t say just too much after giving you a verifiable proof that “Yahoo Yahoo” and the recently arrested Yahoo Kingpin, Hushpuppi is not to be followed or be supported for any reason.
And if you think otherwise then “You’re Not Okay” 😡

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