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LET’S TALK GUYS!!! What Would You Do If Your Girlfriend Of Many Years, Suddenly Calls You That She Was Raped?

Guys! This is a real-life scenario and I will like to bring it to the table to see how you guys react to it.

What would you do if your girlfriend who you’ve been in a relationship with for a year, suddenly calls you that she was raped?
Have in mind that the guy who she claims raped her is someone you’ve warned her to stay away from. But she was truly raped
Back to my question.
Would you 👇

1. Will You Believe She Was Truly Raped Or Not?

2. If You Believe Her, Would You Forgive Her And Continue The Relationship?

3. Or, That Marks The End Of The Relationship?

Let’s know guys
Drop your comments…

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