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Naira Marley’s ‘Bad Influence’ Vs Omah Lays ‘Bad Influence’ – Which Is A Better Jam?

There is no doubt, these guys are definitely at the top of their game this year.

This is neither a direct comparison between the 2 artiste or the songs.
If you had to choose between Omah Lay‘s ‘Bad Influence‘ and Naira Marley‘s ‘Bad Influence‘, which will it be? 👇

Naira Marley’s Bad Influence

So last year, 2019, Naira Marley released his single, ‘Bad Influence‘ off his ‘Bad Influence‘ album.
This was just few months after he was released from the EFCC custody.
The song talked about the ills of the society and how the citizens of this great nation are being handled nonchalantly by those in authority.
It further goes to talk about how they constantly do everything to make the youths unhappy and hos they see him as a “Bad Influence” to the youths for his music.
To be honest, this is the most meaningful song from Naira Marley and it was a hit. #ICOMEINPEACE🚫
Listen  below:-
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Omah Lay’s Bad Influence

Omah Lay on the other hand released his ‘Bad Influence‘ this year off his ‘Get Layd‘ album.
The song, obviously a “love gone wrong” situation talks about how he has fallen deeply in love with a lady who ended up hurting or maybe leaving him.
He also went on stating how he did everything for her and how the effect(s) of her actions on his mental and physical well being.

Listen Below:-

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Tough decision to make i must say because these 2 songs are extremely meaningful hits but the basics here is 👇

Which Is A Better Jam?

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