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#BNAIJA!! If You Were Erica, What Would You Do As Nengi Is Interested In Your Kidd Waya? (Will You Go Back To Laycon Or Fight Nengi?)

Have been missing a lot in the house recently

But the latest gist that got me anxious is the interest Nengi is lately developing for Kidd Waya.
We already know Ozo and Nengi are together while Erica has Kidd Waya. So what’s the mix-up??
Why would you have to fight for the same man with Erica, this is going to turn to war, am telling you guys.
Twitter has been burning over this issue, I recall that I posted a twitter post which a lady (Erica fan) rain curse on Nengi because of the feelings she’s developing for Kid Waya.
I just got this video and I was like “waw”. E dn happen!

See The Video and see Erica’s face

Video Player
Sentiment apart, we all know Nengi is prettier than Erica and that may give her high chance to overtake Erica and get Kidd Waya as her lover.
This won’t be funny, cause Erica already sees herself in the plan of Kidd.
What should Erica do now is the question we’re asking ourselves?

If You Were Erica, What Would You Do?

Are You Going Back To Accept Laycon Offer Or Ready To Battle With Nengi?

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