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DO YOU AGREE? Burna Boy Has Done Everything Wizkid Has Ever Done!

I don’t want to argue on this post, I just want to drop this Gem here and move on!

Talent, Exposure, International recognition an everything you can think of, They’re on the same level.
It’s time to start giving him every hype and credit he deserves.
His new album “Twice As Tall” has opened my eyes to many greatness embodied in a single person.
More than one favourite song, everybody has got a different song as their own fav, listening and can’t skip any track cos all lit.
The transition from one track to next on point – that’s when you know a project is great. Burna Boy did an absolute madness on.
P:S:- Wizkid when are we having out “Made In Lagos
So Guys 👇

With Burna Boy’s New Album “Twice As Tall” Can We Say Is Now On The Same Level As Wizkid?

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