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FOOTBALL LOVERS! Lampard Or Arteta, Who’s Likely To Do Better This New Season?

The two new top managers have once played for the specific team and now they’re in charge.

Do you know the feeling when you are given an offer to coach a team you play for as a footballer?
You’re already used to the ground, staff and some players in the team.
It gives you the edge to do better and develop faster than coaching a team you’re just knowing for the first time.
Lampard and Arteta are in this situation and they’re able to handle it apparently.
Both managers did well on their debut season taking their respective team to a new chapter despite the tough challenges from other top teams.

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Lampard managed to register his side into the Champions League competition despite the unavailability of top players caused by the transfer ban placed on the team.
And Arteta on his side didn’t take charge in the first half of the year but his impact in the midseason is glaring to everyone ending the season with silverware.
Both managers have really impressed us and they are now busy in the market to build their choice of team.
As e dey go, who do you think is likely to have a better season?

Between Lampard And Arteta, Who’s Likely To Do Better This New Season?

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