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LET’S TALK! Between Oxlade’s Oxygene, Davolee’s Festival Bar and Patoranking’s Three, Who Has The Best Album Artwork So Far In 2020?

As small as it might look, the artwork for an album or EP plays an important part in what the album will be about.

We’ve had hundreds of EPs and Albums that have been released so far this year. Some have had great artwork designs that conveyed meaning and others are just so poor.
After looking at most of these artworks, I picked three extraordinary artworks that helped to helm the narrative of the album and also contributed to the its story.
Yet, I need your help in choosing which one is the best so far.

1. Oxlade — Oxygene

When earlier this year, Oxlade decided to put out an EP, what drew the attention of most people to the project was the artwork.
In the artwork, a microphone is seen being pulled out from Oxlade as he’s mid-air. The pull-out is aided by air and what does it tell us?
The microphone represents music and without it, Oxlade is literally dead. Meaning music is life. Oxlade lives for music. Music is his “oxygen”.

2. Davolee — Festival Bar

Listening to Festival Bar, you’re struck apart by Davolee’s exceptional story telling. He does it delightfully as one track relates to the other.
His suffering tales, how he got into the industry, how Olamide signed him. All of these is enmeshed in the EP.
It also reflects on the artwork. On it is an enlarged picture of Davolee’s head. In it, we see miniature photos of him thinking, in pain, full of regrets.
Zooming in, there’s an image of Baddo sitting and we also see Davolee singing in the studio

3. Patoranking — Three

Although not yet released and we don’t know what exactly is entailed in this album, this artwork is beautiful.
Here, we see Patoranking in a car going on a journey. There are three people in the car and that means something.
The man at the backseat represents Patoranking’s past. And in his Instagram post, he said:
“The boy who was in the ghetto, the boy who came into the industry with Alubarika and the man I am today”
Having heard about the story behind these artworks,

We put this question to you 👇

Which Is Your Favorite Album Artwork Out Of The 3 So Far?

Let’s hear from you all.
Drop your comments.

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