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LET’S TALK!! The Death Sentence Of Evans The Kidnapper: Was This Judgement Fair or Bias?

Evans the kidnapper to die by hanging..

Was This Judgment Fair or Bias?🤔
If terrorists, the so called repentant Boko-Haram could be reintegrated into the society, kidnappers like Evans and killers like Maryam Sanda can be reintegrate into the society as well!
This judgement is absolutely rubbish and biased. Maybe because he’s an Igbo man and not a Fulani terrorist or kidnapper.
Judgment should be fair on all sides please! We all deserve equal rights and justice. If Terrorist group (Boko-Haram) that had killed and still killing millions of Nigerians can be given second chance, Evans should get reintegrated into the society as well.
Na all of us get this country o. Dem no carry anybody for hand come. Hian!

What’s Your Take On This Matter? Is This Judgement Fair or Bias?

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