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LET’S TALK! What Should Erica Do? Leave Kiddwaya Or Pick Laycon? #BBNAIJA

Erica is currently in a love triangle with Kiddwaya and Laycon and she’s somehow confused.

While she’s deeply in love with Kiddwaya, the rich kid doesn’t seem to be showing affections for her.
Laycon on the other hand has deep feelings for her. But to Erica, she’s only “mentally attracted” to Laycon.
And last night, she was involved in a debacle with Kiddwaya with Erica mad at Kidd for the way he treats her.
If you were Erica, what will you do. One guy (Kiddwaya) has grown tired of you and doesn’t seem to be interested any longer.
While there’s another guy (Laycon) who you don’t like but the guy really do loves you.
So guys,

What Should Erica Do?

Leave Kiddwaya? Or Choose Laycon?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this issue
Drop your comments.

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