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OMG!! Main Reasons Why Most Nigerian Youths Join Different Secret Cult Groups! (SHOCKING)


I already posted the Origin Of Cultism In Nigeria, the originators on my previous publication, now I’m going to list out 5 Clueless & Unreasonable Reasons Why Most Nigerian Youths Join Different Cult Groups Today.
In case you’re yet to read that, you can
I would also wanna this medium to show you some of your favorite celebrities that ALLEGEDLY belongs to Cult Groups.
Why is Simi on this picture? And why is she putting on red beret? Does it mean she is…..🤔
And  alot more….
5 Clueless & Unreasonable Reasons Why Most Nigerian Youths Join Different Cult Groups Today.
💠For Protection:
Many Nigerian youths join various cult groups with the bid for protection. Every Cult group in Nigeria gives their newly initiated members the assurance of maximum security.
Many of them intimidate the non members with the slang “which umbrella cover you” Just to make them feel inferior. But hey that slang is kinda outdated! If you carry am near me, I will finger ur eye ODE.😏
But are they really getting the protection? The answer is YES/NO. If you want to confirm, then go join one..if dem kill you troway, we bury you and life goes on and on. Since u no get sense.
💠Peer Pressure Influence:
Most Nigerian youths who joined cults today were mainly as a result of peer pressure. Their close friends persuaded them to join their own cult group by telling them all the sweet benefits like having the most beautiful girls in the neighborhood, becoming famous among students(those in School) and alot more.
Now 80% of Nigerian youths who joined secret cults today, is for revenge purposes. To fight people who wronged them in one way or the other. Many are forced to join the opposition cult to avenge a bully from other cult members who molested them in the past.
💠Low Self-Esteem:
Those who find it difficult to express themselves are always brainwashed into joining secret cults with the bid to boasting their self-esteem.
They are finally engaged into smoking Indian hemps and using different intoxicating drugs just to build confidence. The question here is does it really work? What if I tell you YES will you count me as one?🙄
💠To Gain Power:
Many cult groups brainwash their newly initiated members by giving them the assurance for power of control. They are always told that everyone will succumb to their actions and their peers will hold them at high esteem or probably take them as lords.
To be a Hitman or Staunch, you don’t necessarily need to join any cult group. Especially these streets cults filled with illiterates causing troubles everywhere.
Don’t join any secret cult for any reason bros. How it appears is not how it is.

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