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The End Of An Era! Is It Time Up For Messi? (Drop Your Comments)

Personally, I think it is. Messi’s magic has waned and this has rubbed off on the whole team, as Barcelona has built its team around Messi.

Messi has to create, score, and he has been doing ever since his debut but the burden is now too big for his 33-year-old shoulders, and without support from the midfield and attack he seems useless.
Bayern Munich were the latest team to capitalize on the fast depleting dominance of Messi and Barcelona. Last night’s match seems to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me.
Football has cycles and rotation of dominance. There is a time for teams to dominate, deteriorate and rebuild. Sadly, it’s Barcelona’s turn and the sooner they let go of Messi, the better for both parties.
I love Ronaldo and I’m a Cr7 fan but it has not in any way compromised my opinion.
Messi, take a bow or next season you’d get knocked out in the UCL group stage and if the teams in La Liga sit up you’d end up in a struggle for Top 4.
Barcelona, it’s time to make the hard decision.
The romance has been beyond Hollywood but Messi’s best years are over and you have a Herculean task ahead of you to rebuild this team.
I mean, it’s so glaring that you have a Southampton team with Messi in it.
It would cost you a lot like Manchester United and AC and InterMilan and Liverpool and Arsenal.
… But when that cycle hits you, the sooner you realize and disintegrate and rebuild with sound values while retaining a good club culture the better.

Is It Time Up For Messi?

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