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#BBNaija! EXPOSED!! Big Brother Naija Is A Scam Reality TV Show, Biased Judgements (Justice For TACHA) -Trending Now!


After much deliberation, observation and thorough investigations, I have come to a conclusion that the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show is a scam and ojoro program. No difference between BbNaija and Nigerian government.. especially this present Buhari government. PURE SCAM!๐Ÿ™„
Why I said so? I will tell you!

You still remember the girl in the picture? TACHA, former BbNaija HM, the most controversial and talked about housemate in the history of Big Brother Naija.
Tacha was disqualified for same offense one of the current housemate Erica got pardoned for. WHY! #JusticeForTacha
According to BbNaija organizers, the main reason why Tacha got disqualified from the show, was because she pushed and shoved a fellow housemate (Mercy Eke). Story of my life. Unreasonable excuse!
Now on Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show, 3 Strikes gets one disqualified automatically. Tacha was issued 2 Strikes already before pushing and shoving Mercy Eke, which resulted to her unfortunate disqualification.
Erica’s case, she has gotten 2 Strikes already for violation of Big Brother’s rules, 1 more strike, she’s out of the game.
Not too long, she violated the rules again! She and Kidwaya were flipping their fingers (The Middle Fingers) to the camera and disrespecting Big Brother and the #BBNaija viewers. Yet she was issued a strong and final warning according to them, instead of disqualifying her immediately..same way Tacha got disqualified without a second chance.
Why was Tacha disqualified without a second chance?
Simply because they have already made enough money with her. Just few days to the end of the show, she got disqualified. Oh yeah! you guys think we don’t know? SMH.
Why was Erica pardoned and not disqualified immediately?
Erica was pardoned because the show still have over a month to go. They haven’t made enough money to their selfish satisfaction with her yet. If she gets disqualified now, the house might become boring and so many viewers might lose interest in the show. Erica is apparently one of the most talked about Housemates this season. Same way Tacha was in season 4.
Now you all can see the biased and fraudulent activities of BbNaija? This people are not been fair and honest. They’re replica of Nigerian government. SCAM!
Who knows if viewers VOTES counts? Who knows if the voting process is not same as Nigeria election processes? Wayo people.๐Ÿ™„
Now let me burst your bubble on why BbNaija is a scam show.
After the show, the Host “Ebuka” was asked during an interview with one of the Nigerian media house, on why Tacha got disqualified from the reality TV show.
He said,
“When Tacha shoved and pushed Mercy, I think that was when it was done, even before the hair-pulling.” I am talking about the fight that started at the kitchen. Big Brother had called them to the kitchen to simmer down the situation, but the fight got even worse.
“So way before the hair was pulled, there was already contact. With violence like that, it is hard to say, because Big Brother is very clear on that. You don’t put your hands on someone. If you allow a shove and push, tomorrow it becomes a punch.”
When asked why Mercy was not disqualified as well, Ebuka said,
“I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t make these decisions. But what Mercy did was flip her hair, which you could see was contact, but there are other sides to it.
“Like was it intentional? I don’t know. Was it physically going to harm her? I don’t know either.
“I don’t know what the reason was for not disqualifying Mercy as well but she got two strikes. I guess that’s what they felt the weight of what she did carried.”
Now you all should think about this for a moment. You love the show, it is your favorite, you’re ready to defend it to any length, I KNOW but don’t get carried away with it. Do not let it becloud your sense of reasoning. Think about the above statement by Ebuka.
How about the voting stats, nomination and eviction processes? Have you thought about that?
It so complicated, confusing and fraudulent! The person with the highest votes goes home, while someone with the lowest votes stays. Like WTF is that? Who does that! Wia dat one dey happen.๐Ÿ™„
How about the past winners? Wia dem dey now?
Anyways, I’m done! I drop pen here for now. But before I leave, let me remind you again.
Big Brother Naija Is A Scam, Biased Reality TV Show #JusticeForTACHA

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