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Before You Date or Marry A Lagos State Man. READ THIS! Why You Shouldn’t Marry A Lagos Man or Woman!

Lagos State (Yoruba)

This is where you will find many educated illiterates and zombies. A Lagos man can work from January to December, and spent it all within 24hrs on Owambe(party). Infact the Yoruba tribe and party are 5&6.
They party over anything and everything. If a Lagos man(YORUBA) gets fired from his working place, he might throw a party to celebrate it.
Dont be surprise after this COVID-19, na party after party. From Monday to Sunday, back to back. It must be celebrated. Lagos lifestyles.
So when getting married to a typical Lagos man, be ready to face such wayward lifestyles. Savings is not in the dictionary of a Lagos citizen gan.
They can gossip for Africa! more than women. And some other crazy shits they do..but ain’t gonna talk about it, so it won’t sound personal and political.
If a Lagos man or woman gossip you ehn..in fact let’s keep Lagos aside. Yoruba person don gossip you before? A1
Lagos men eg. Banky W can cheat for Africa. Even if they marry the most beautiful woman on Earth, they will still cheat on her. Dia preek no get control.🙄
How About Lagos Women?🤔
Well, I wouldn’t advise anyone to marry a Lagos State girl. Allow them to marry their men. They can understand themselves better. Including strangers over there, they all have same attitudes.
Are they fun to be with?
Lagos girls both men are very fun to be with, believe me you won’t know when you got hooked. They’re generous in nature especially the Muslims among them.
Lagos men are kinda romantic, partially caring, very lazy, like sex a lot but doesn’t have the strength to do the do. Na only mouth dem get. Shout and make noise.🚶
A typical Lagos man is very greedy but not stingy especially the Muslim and Traditional ones. As for the Christians among them, those ones stingy die!
In summary: You’re a girl, and your only problem in this life is to eat, chop life, fuck and travel, then marry a Lagos man. They’re good in that area.  Parte after Parte
Are Lagos men lazy?
YES!V lazy set of people. I’m talking about the real Lagos citizens, not strangers. The beauty and popularity of Lagos today is because of the strangers/tenants. But it seems the waywardness of Lagos citizens have already affected the strangers. Especially the Igbos over there.
What else do you wanna know about Lagos men?

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