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DID YOU KNOW!! If You Have Done An Abortion Before or Encourage Anyone To Do So, YOU ARE A MURDERER! (See Why)


Listen! I’m not a religious person, so I’m not putting up this write up base on religious perspective. Everything I’m gonna say here is basically on SCIENCE, not FAITH.
No matter how one looks at it, abortion is murder. Don’t tell me it’s a removal of tissues. You’re a bloody f*cking MURDERER!
According to the science of embryology, it states that from the moment of conception, a human being is formed. The DNA it has is not only human DNA but the DNA of an individual distinct from that of either parent.
See ehn..
In forensic criminologyDNA is used to distinguish one person from another. So the DNA of an embryo indicates that the embryo is a person.
Therefore, if you Have Ever Had An Abortion Before or Encourage One, YOU ARE A MURDERER! No two ways about it. Start begin the nature for forgiveness now, before it’s too late.🙄
At times you wonder why you ain’t progressing in life. Why you’re still childless after marriage. Simply because you are MURDERER! Abortion is a murder of a defenseless Child.
Young lady, if you don’t wanna fall pregnant, then keep your legs close! Any man that ask you to abort pregnancy, doesn’t love you and might not marry you at the end.
And you young man, always use condoms..it doesn’t cost a thing. Stop bringing curse, bad luck and hardship upon yourself with 5mins pleasure.
10 terrible things will happen in your life the moment you abort a child or encourage anyone to do so. Be it your girlfriend, sister or wife.
In couple of days, it will be publish here.
But on this very publication, I stood on the ground that,
If You Have Done An Abortion Before or Encourage Anyone To Do So, YOU ARE A MURDERER!

Do You Agree or Disagree?

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