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Fortune Tron Smart Contract (2020)

What is Fortune Tron Smart Contract?

Fortune tron is a decentralized smart contract under the Tron Blockchain, FORTUNE TRON is directly executed on the Tron blockchain making it a completely decentralized system hence it is safe and secured.

HERE IS HOW THAT HELPS YOU :All earnings made are paid directly into your TRON wallet. More over the system runs forever on the block chain. That means you will earn forever with FORTUNE TRON Smart contract… Here are some features and benefits of FORTUNE TRON.


AFFORDABILITY: Fortune TRON Smart contract is currently the most affordable Smart contract running on the TRON Blockchain.
It requires just 190.71 TRX to get started. You’ll never have problem getting referrals with such cheap Smart contract isn’t that exiting.

People are interested in what they will make more out of.. FORTUNE TRON remains the best most marketable TRON Smart contract for you. You get whooping jaw dropping profits for every slot

GLOBAL SPILLOVERS: Most systems talk about it but never really implement it. Because there is no pointable provision for it. You really can’t say this is how the global Spillovers works. It’s different with FORTUNE TRON.. it has high chance of spillover than any other smart contract… In F1 every last spot goes to general spillover..so u can earn alot from FORTUNE TRON SPILLOVER SYSTEM.


Registration gives simultaneous access to Slot 1 across the 3 Matrix systems.
Upgrades are done independently and individually in chronological order to receive higher earnings.
The last position of every slot renews that slot for an endless cycle of earnings. It also serves as a global Spillovers to members!


F1 : You make 5x profit per slot

F2 : You make 7x profit per slot

F3 : You make 15x profit per slot.


F1: You earn from the first 5 positions directly into your wallet. No uplines takes Earnings for your personal efforts… This is not seen in any other smart contract.

F2: You earn from the 3rd row only. 7 out of the 8 positions goes to you. The first two rows goes to your upline and his direct upline.

F3 : You earn from the 4th row. 15 out of 16 positions are yours. The first 3 rows belong to your upline..

Potential earnings on each cycle on F1, F2, F3 packages after upgrade fees is removed
I will teach Every one Secret behind Smart Contracts

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