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How Tinubu Disrespected Ooni Of Ife – Can Such A Man Be Trusted With Presidency 2023? (You Need To See This)

This is too bad!

Note: I am not a Yoruba man. I’m just a concerned Nigerian who love and respect cultures and traditions so much hence my inputs on this aborminable and disrespectful act of Bola Tinubu to the Yoruba Ancestral Stool.
I think it’s high time the elders in Ile-Ife wake up from their slumbers and guide Ooni of Ife on how to behave in public as Imperial Majesty of Yoruba land. Enough of this degrading the Yoruba culture.
Culture is meant to be preserved. Any king that cannot preserve Yoruba culture should rather leave the throne.
Na “SEE FINISH” dey cause this kind tin.
If Ooni of Ife had kept himself off politics, Bola Tinubu wouldn’t have done this. But even as that, Tinubu should be called to order!
This is Bola Tinubu comfortably seated while greeting Ooni of Ife. So disrespectful to the Yoruba culture.
If someone like Obasanjo can prostrate to a traditional ruler, who is Tinubu to seat while greeting Ooni of Ife?
If Alaafin of Oyo greet Ooni of Ife with both hands and head bowed, who is Tinubu?
Funny enough, same man wants to be voted for in 2023 for Presidency? Laughable. He haven’t become President yet and he dey do like this. SMH
Like I said earlier, I’m not a Yoruba man. I don’t know much about the Oduduwa culture and tradition. So I would like to hear from the Yorubas reading this. Im case if I eventually come to YORUBA land and remain seated while greeting a traditional ruler, I won’t be questioned or sanctioned.

Is What Bola Tinubu Did The Right Thing?

Is This How Yoruba Traditional Rulers Are Been Treated? 

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