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OMG!! What If LAYCON Is Lying About His Health Condition To Gain Sympathy Votes From Nigerians? (You Need To See This)

Laycon’s health condition unveiling. The truth and the lies…

On the 22nd of this month, one of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemate and the potential winner of this season, LAYCON told fellow housemates that he is sickle cell anemic. According to him, SC is his genotype.

What Is Genotype SC That Laycon Has?

SC genotype is seen in persons who have inherited the gene for hemoglobin S from one parent and the gene for hemoglobin C from the other.

Hemoglobin SC disease, is a type of sickle cell disease and the second most common after SS, which means it affects the shape of the red blood cells . Red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying blood throughout the body. And in most cases, people suffering from such doesn’t last more than the age of 50.

But what if Laycon is lying? Maybe to get Nigerians to vote for him. In fact, there’s 90% possiblity that Laycon is lying.

This is the same format Buhari used on us back then in 2015.

First of, BBN will never accept someone with SS or SC genotype into the house(a sickler).

Secondly, why is he saying it now? Laycon is probably pandering for votes. And using sickle cell as a strategy, is very bad. The joke is too expensive. But if truely, he is sickle cell anemic, may God see him through.

What’s Your Take On This?

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