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SERIOUS QUESTION!! Which Player Can Immediately Replace #Messi At #Barcelona If He Leaves

Messi wants to leave Barcelona.

We are still in shock as we process the news that the great Messi is planning to dump the club he has been with for nearly two decades now 😳
As expected, Barca are not take the news lightly with the club planning to even punish Messi should he refuse to train with them.
And here is the truth: Without Messi, Barcelona will be an ordinary club
It will take years for them to mould another incredible player that can replace him.
But in fairness, nobody is irreplaceable
Barcelona can aggressively go into the transfer market and get a big player that can give them the goods. Or maybe a player in the present squad can step up and be like Messi.
Mission Impossible we know, but nothing is impossible in this life ❗❗❗
So Guys,

📌 Which Player Can Immediately Replace Messi At Barcelona If He Leaves

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