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Do You Think There Is Any Good Side To Marital Pressure In Nigeria?


Situationship is one out of many shows on Naijaloaded TV where matters arising, real-life situations, and familiar scenarios are discussed by our talk show hosts, Spax and Dayo Awesu.

The highlight of the show is where you take over from the hosts to comment on your thoughts, share your stories, and say how you feel about what the deal is.

We would all be of the same opinion that marital pressure is not a trivial case in a lot of homes in Nigeria.

It automatically looks as if some Nigerian parents switch on their pressure gears at a certain age and stage in the lives of their children.

Once you graduate with a barely stable job, they start to mount the pressure of finding a life partner and as events would have it, some of your clique of friends may be finding it easier than you.

We are quick to call out the society on the issue of marital pressure in Nigeria without acknowledging the fact that friends, family members, religious associates, social circles, and our day-to-day folks make up the society.

They are the society we talk about.

On this episode of KG Situationship, we couldn’t seem to get over how marriage is such a measure of achievement in our society and how the level of responsibility attached to a married person is greater than that of an unmarried person.

Cultural influence too has its stronghold on this issue as well as the unchanging cycle of life every Nigerian is compelled to believe in. Who says the next thing after graduation is marriage?

When we talk about marital pressure from all angles in Nigeria, taking one’s time as a youth is never an acceptable excuse.

Pressure in any area of life has never been a good element of decision making in most cases because there are more important factors to weigh before hurrying into marriage.

While in some other scenarios, a person could miss out on the good feelings of life marriage has to offer if not pressured into getting married but this has not always been the case.

Given the whole day, the conversation could go on and on but the important questions popped are:

👉Is there any positive side to be possibly found in marital pressure?

👉Can marriage pressure be curbed in Nigerian homes?

We’d love you to share your stories in the comment section too.

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