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4 Nigerian Men Talk About Their Worst Sex Experience Ever (A Must Read)


Trust you all had a wonderful weekend.

On this edition of KG Story, we got 4 Nigerians to talk about their worst sex experience ever.

Sex is no doubt a sweet thing but if you hear the bitter sex-experience of some people, you will be shocked.



Met this girl through my friend’s girlfriend in school. The same day I met her we already got talking and going along well.

Because this girl was really pretty and attractive my body couldn’t calm down. That same day, I tried to convince her to have sex.

She no wan gree so I settled for normal kissing and romancing knowing fully well that my foreplay game strong, we will still have sex.

Just few minutes after we started this rough play, she became in control, she pulled my shirt and did some serious tongue work around my ear down to my neck. The feeling was sending me to heaven.

Next thing she headed straight for my nipple, I was really enjoying the flow as she sucked my nipple gently and tenderly. About 4 minutes into the sucking, I noticed a sharp bite on my nipple.

I shouted out in pain, I tried to rescue myself but I noticed the way she was doing is not normal and I couldn’t even get her teeth off my nipple.

It was when her friend and my friend heard my scream before they came to the rescue, her friend quickly reached out for spoon to open her mouth to free my nipple and poured milk in her mouth.

It was after the incident I got to know that the girl do have seizures at times, so the seizure started when she sucking my nipple. If not for God, I would have lost my nipple that day. Chai!!


Me and this girl I have been crushing on suddenly agreed on a no-string-attached sex appointment. Before we booked the appointment, we’ve been chatting and exchanging brags about how good we both are in bed.

This girl asked me, can I handle her in bed? I am like, who are you, who born you, who raise you, me that I am a horse, I can ride you for hours and never get tired.

And she replied like; with this your small body, by the time we start I can bet that you will faint. All the things this girl was saying really got to me and I vexed and told her to fix a date.

Deep down, I knew I am not really that much of a bad boy in bed but I need to prove to this girl that I am “Man Of My Words”.

I quickly call on my friend, Rasheed, and explained the situation to him, he told me not to worry that I am going to shock her.

On the fateful day, Rasheed gave me a tablet to use, he said the tablet will make me last very well. I took the tablet and was ready to go.

Like play this girl showed up in my place in the night and we started. For about an hour, I am still pounding and this girl kept switching positions without showing any sign of tiredness.

When the pounding reached 1hour 30minutes, I was already praying for cum to come but it doesn’t feel like it will come. I was not enjoying it again, i was just pounding and praying I cum.

2hours cum no come, I don’t want to admit to that I am tired and I kept pounding when we entered 3 hours, I already felt drained and tired. This girl still want to continue riding me despite being tired, I had to form faint and agree with her that she don win.

It was on that day that I knew that 15minutes enjoyable sex is better than a long 3 hours sex without cum.


I think the most horrific thing that has ever happened to me during sex was with one girl I met in one church like that.

Although, I am a Muslim but in those days, I do go to church just to hunt for babes. I met this girl and we started dating.

The day she came to my house, we are already kissing and romancing. when we both undressed and get ready for action, I went down on her to give her head.

It shocked me when she resisted and was like, nah!! Don’t do this, I convinced her that I have never given head before (na lie oo) I just want to try it and explore.

She agreed with the idea of exploring, I gave a head for like 5 minutes and ask her if she enjoyed it, she smiled and nod her head saying yes.

I then asked her to explore and give me head too. She said she’s never done it before but she is willing to try. She held my pr!ck like church mic and dip it into her wet mouth, before I could open my eyes this girl vomitted on my prick.

Chai!! Seeing the egusi and rice vomit on my prick was so disgusting that my body came down immediately. I was messed up that day.


There is this particular night that one mumu konji wan kill me. I went to visit a friend and I feel like knacking that night, base on say no be my area na so my friend arrange one girl gimme, unknowing to me that the girl na dangbana republikan, she’s already drugged herself before coming over.

To cut the story short, we lodged and she starts to dey undress, omo con see the transformation. She con be like those AJ girls, in my mind I thought I was seeing different because of the alcohol I had taken, mumu meeee 😩😩

I say make I go bath and come back, na so I see say she no dey breath again. The first thing I noticed is that the spirit in me has left me and went back into the limo bottle.

I started doing all possible means to bring this girl back to life as I have beat, slap do all sorts of things to wake her up.

Even the hotel managers intervened and we still couldn’t wake her from sleep. One thought came to my mind “has she died?” that is when I cold start catching me.

I was later told to pour her a lot of water after 2 hours of struggle. Omo na so she wake up ooo

Since then I have vowed to never in my life do any strange girl again in my life. Na sex I wan sex, this one almost sent me to prison.

Guys, oya share your own worst sex-experience ever πŸ‘‡

What’s Your Worst Sex Experience Ever?

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