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Samuel Eto’o Vs Didier Drogba – Who Is Africa’s Greatest Striker? (Watch Video)

Football rivalries give the sport an extra edge; just think Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi, or even Pele vs Diego Maradona.

While debates over who is the greater may sometimes be taken too far by critics or fans of the aforementioned players, it gives the game additional spice and meaning.

In Africa, there’s probably no debate greater than Didier Drogba vs Samuel Eto’o, two contrasting strikers whose impact at home and abroad during their peak cannot be understated.

Didier Drogba best known for his pace and power at Olympique Marseille and Chelsea, who possessed an uncanny knack for delivering in the big games.

Samuel Eto’o was one of the best exports from Cameroon in the last two decades, playing with the very best and thriving in various systems and winning nearly every major trophy for club and country.

However, football lovers have their preference when it comes to choosing who they so much prefer to represent considering different circumstances.

Watch video below:-

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