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VIDEO:- After His “Royal Rumble Fight” With Burna Boy, Davido Scatters Abuja With “Tule” And “Fem” Vibes

After ending 2020 with a physical fight with his counter part, Burna Boy, Davido scatters the capital “Abuja” with his Tule and Fem Vibe.

The craziest thing is that we didn’t get to know who won in the celebrity fight. Although a lot of people have been talking about who must have won comparing their physical appearances.

“Tule was a slang he adopted after he has a romp with “African Giant” Burna Boy.

However, Davido might be have ended last year abruptly but this year is going to be a big one for him (No Doubt) after adopting a new slang (Tule)

He recently disturbed the whole of Abuja with his newest found slang tule and it was an amazing vibe.

Watch video below:-

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