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Zlatan Ibrahimovic VS Romelu Lukaku – Who Do You Think Will Win On A Physical Fight?

Did you watch the Milan derby?

You’re really missing if you didn’t watch the match. Yesterday night’s atmosphere was so vaporous as the two giants of the clubs go on aggression.

Both Zlatan and Lukaku conducted unsportsmanlike manners as they exchange vulgar words which they aspire to go physical in the dressing room.
Watch Video

Have you watched the video?

Zlatan was telling Lukaku that “fvck your mother” while Lukaku was also saying “fvck your family, your wife is a bitch”.

So in the video above, Lukaku dey challenging Zlatan to meet him in the dressing room if he no say he sure for him.

Just imagine Zlatan do strong head and go to the dressing room as Lukaku wanted

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