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GUYS!! Your Wife Made A Salty Food, Complain In A Romantic Way (The Best Lines Wins)

As we all know, one of the worst feelings ever is after going through the stress of cooking, the food ended up not nice most especially because of salt. Truth be told it can happen to anybody.

I watched a movie last night and the husband got back late after a stressful day only to meet salty food at home. Instead of lambasting his wife he stylishly informed her the food is salty in a romantic way and decided to eat something else.

A lot of guys don’t have that patience though but we still have people who are romantic by nature.

I want you guys to show us your romantic side and you never can tell a lady who might be under the comment section who needs a man like you.

So guys,

Your Wife Made A Salty Food,Complain In A Romantic Way. (The Best Lines Wins)
Let’s hear your lines.

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