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HELLOOOOO! Is Money Rituals Real? Do You Believe In It or Not?


There’s a popular belief in many parts of Africa continent, especially in Nigeria, that some adherents of certain secret society or native doctor can sacrifice human beings and use either the whole body or parts of it to generate unlimited money.🤔

It is believed that after following the instructions, money will start flowing freely in a particular room or at a particular place. It is also believed that after completing the ritual, the person’s business will flourish beyond imagination and make the person super rich.🤔

It has been an old belief and I remember being warned as a kid to avoid contact with unknown adults who kidnap kids for the purpose of money rituals.

The belief has been reinforced by many African movies especially from Nollywood that depict money rituals as a reality with dire consequences. Nollwood don spoil this country finish kpatakpata with meaningless movies SMH.

Well, due to the nature of my society (Nigeria) I’ve developed a mentality over time to believe that nothing is totally real and nothing is totally fake. So I wouldn’t categorically say that money rituals is fake or real..even though I don’t believe in all these spiritual shits anyway.🙄😏

In fact, I personally don’t believe that money ritual is real or could make anyone successful. You become successful through hardwork, perhaps God’s blessings. Humans are just ignorantly and wickedly killing fellow humans for nothing.

That’s my personal views tho. How about you?

Is Money Rituals Real? Do You Believe In It or Not?

Let’s hear from you all.

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