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If You Were To Give Your Private Part A Special Name, What Would You Call It? (Watch Hilarious Responses) πŸ˜‚

Everybody agrees with the hype that comes with the male private part being big, strong, long, and powerful even though we can’t test it all to know.

We can never get tired of hearing this amongst our male friends in banters and in the words they say to get a girl to bed with them.

We went on the street of Lagos to hear more of this hype and ask what special name the guys will call their private part if they were to give it one.

We had so much fun hearing hilarious names like ‘Cucumber, Goliath, Bugatti, Awolowo’ and many more.

We advise that you prepare to roll on the floor with laughter πŸ˜‚ and not be the only one to see this clip.
Watch Video:-

Let the fun continue guysπŸ‘‡
What Is That Special Name You Give Your Private Part And Tell Us Why?

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