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If Your Daughter Do This Terrible Thing To You – What Will You Do?

Wonders shall never seize to happen – One of the biggest wonders on social media today is a video of a daughter beating her father back while he is doing the same.

In a video making rounds on social media, a man could be seen chastising his daughter for not sleeping at home.

The father held a belt while the daughter beefed up her security with a chunk of wood in her hands.

A Ghanaian father and his daughter reportedly got into a bit of squabble as he attempted to reprimand her for staying out late without permission.

One would think she was calling the bluff of her dad till she hit him with the wood right after he plunged at her to give her some whooping.

Social media users are of the opinion that the father must be irresponsible as none of the neighbors reprimanded the little girl when they barely separated them.

Watch video below:-

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