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The Sons of Abaga, Jesse Jagz & M.I. -Who Is The Greater Lyricist?

Several years ago, I got into a little argument with a friend about Mister Incredible himself and Jesse Jagz, his younger brother.

The argument began when my friend mentioned that Jesse Jagz is a greater rapper than MI. When he said that, I had to quickly interrupt him, and asked him never to mention something like that again.

Then, he asked me a simple question thus: “How many Jesse’s songs have you listened to”? It was right then I realised that I didn’t know much about Jesse. At that time, I had only heard a few of his songs. So I concluded that perhaps it would be very unfair to judge him based on those few songs.

Besides, I had hinged my judgement of the brothers on their individual successes respectively. MI apparently has been a more commercially successful rapper than Jesse. I know a lot of folks who would jump on this debate would also likely give it to Mister Incredible based on the same commercial success parameter.

In all honesty, I love MI and appreciate his brilliance and intellectual prowess. I think I still see him as a better rapper than his little bro, Jesse.

However, in this article I want to know who you think is a better lyricist between the duo. I’m not asking about who’s more successful, prolific or has a better stage presence and carriage.

BE HONEST!! The Sons of Abaga, Jesse Jagz & M.I. -Who Is The Greater Lyricist?
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