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What Is The Funniest Movie Title You’ve Ever Seen?

Nigerian movie industry is a big mood on its own – Just when you think you have seen it all, They never stop coming Tra(sh).

You would agree until you’ve seen some of the most awkward and unexpected movie titles that sometimes entail the whole body and motives of the movie.

Over the years, The world has been shifting attention to the Nigerian movie scene hence emerging Top 5 best movie industry in terms of movie release.There are some top and title contending movies that makes international recognition and also helps put the Nigeria movie industry on the world map.

Some producers produces their movie based on what is going on in the country.

Imagine seeing a movie produced as regards the recent trends and serious issues we have in the country. Lori Iro, Mr Macaroni in black Maria, Leave My Father’s Land by Sunday Igboho, and so much more – Unending laughs.

So Guys, The Question Now Is 👇

What Is The Funniest Nigerian Movie Title You’ve Ever Seen?

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