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YOU HAVE TO LET ONE GO!!! ‘Mum’, ‘900 Billion Naira’, ‘Heaven’ – Which One Are You Letting Go?


These are very crazy options mehn!!!

Let’s analyze the 3 options maybe then we can know which is less important in this life sha;

Ha! “My Mama” – The main reasons while I’m hustling so hard is to give this Woman the best life she deserves, for all the hard work and dedication she has given me.

900 Billion” – Omo! Money is the Bicycle to every good thing of life – They say! Who no like better thing? 900 Billion plenty OOO

Heaven” – We’re all trying to be better for the sole purpose of having entering heaven so that we can have an eternal bliss when we die.

With this analysis self, I’m even more confused 😭😭

Guys 👇

‘Mum’, ‘900 Billion Naira’, ‘Heaven’ – Which One Are You Letting Go?

Let’s see your options…

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