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18+ LET’S DISCUSS!! Have You Ever Encounter Injury During S£x, Tell Us Your Worst Experience

This is a discussion for adults only, if you are under 18 kindly use this link.

So guy, If you’ve never encountered an injury during sex you are probably a gentle and calm kondo giver.😁

Some people do experience some fatal injuries probably when they want to try some dangerous sex styles, it is good to try provided you won’t injure yourself.

The most common injury through sex for guys is d!ck peeling when you go through marathons(I know you guys understand).😉

Let me share my experience 👉🏽 There was a time I was hitting it (you know what I’m talking about) and all of a sudden I couldn’t feel my legs again. I had a serious muscle pull I can never forget.

I managed to stand but no i found myself back on the floor. The girl was scared but I told her It was an injury I suffered while playing ball.

So guys,

If You Encounter Injury During S£x, Tell Us Your Worst Experience.
Lets hear from you.

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