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A MUST READ!!! If You Are A Hustler, Please Don’t Marry Any Lady Because Of Beauty, Boobs & Ass (Here’s What You Should Look For)

Hope the new week started well for you? I pray all our dreams and aspirations comes to pass this new week 🙏

I had a conversation with some friends earlier today and I thought I should bring it over to Kikigisters so we all can talk it out and teach ourselves something.

What do you look for in a woman?
It’s normal to look out for some special feature in a woman before going ahead to date her of marry her and we all have different things that interest us.

Some of you love a Lady with big boobs.

Some prefer their lady to have huge ukwu (ass) that can cause trouble.

Some are particular about beauty (nothing concern them with Ass or Boobs, make the babe just fine and they are cool).

I know it’s normal to look for all these qualities in a woman but the most important thing you should look for in any woman you want to date and that’s “BEING INTELLIGENT & HARDWORKING”.

You all need a woman that can reason/think/strategize with you so it will be easier for you to grow your business/empire together.

Most of the Ladies out there now have nothing to offer
Most of the Ladies out here now are just lazy and they lack reasonable thinking faculty to dish advise on how you can become a better person or how your business can grow bigger.

Most of them just want to relax and be taken care off.. Set of useless animal with horrible sense of entitlement.

Well, here’s what I posted on my WhatsApp status that triggered me to write this article on Naijaloaded so you all can learn and become wise when picking your woman.

See below:-

You don’t know tomorrow. You can become someone very successful tomorrow if you are a true hustler that’s dedicated to his hustle.

Be careful of the woman you marry. She should at least be able to give you advise when you need ideas on how to go about some things, be it business or life generally.

The hot body will get cold when she gives birth and your love for her will eventually die down if the Ass is what got you hooked at first.

We hope you learn something today.

Thank you

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