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Blockchain and cryptocurrency features are now becoming more commonplace all over the world, especially in the wake of the ongoing craze around cryptocurrencies.

As the price of Bitcoin continues to climb, this is bringing in more people into the world of crypto, as well as institutional investors and other large entities, who are beginning to see the potential and value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Due to this, we are seeing these innovations being implemented and used in diverse sectors, ranging from sports to healthcare to shipping and so on, with blockchain, in particular, being seen as a potential solution for many problems. 

The advent of any new technology always sees a lot of innovation, and that is proving to be the case with blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well. 
One of the most exciting and potentially popular ways in which blockchain is being implemented is through the creation of digital collectables, and now one of the most popular football clubs in the world, Juventus, has got in on the act.

The Italian football club is launching a range of digital collectables, which will feature, among others, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous and successful players in the history of the sport. This is being done in partnership with the blockchain-based fantasy sports startup Sorare, and Juventus join fellow Italian clubs AS Roma and Napoli, as well as English side West Ham United, as Sorare’s partners.

These cards, to be issued on Sorare’s platform, will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC-721 Ethereum standard. The collectables will be divided into three groups – unique, super rare, and rare. There will only be one ‘unique’ card per player, while the other two categories will have 10 and 100 cards issued respectively.

This is an extremely interesting development, and shows how blockchain is being used in the world of sports to bring more content to fans and allow clubs and organizations to offer customized features and rewards to them. 

Blockchain is also being used elsewhere in related fields, including online gaming and gambling. For example, we are already seeing a number of online gambling sites which are using blockchain to support their games, thereby improving performance, speed and reliability, while also offering players the option to play with cryptocurrencies. This means that the best sports-themed games collected in Winz crypto casino have stormed the online gaming space, with more and more people being attracted to these casino sites, which has improved their prospects and shown yet another way in which crypto and blockchain can be used in the digital space.

It is quite interesting to see how blockchain is being used in the world of sports, with various other football clubs also taking advantage of this to begin offering NFTs, for which demand continues to rise. The Ethereum blockchain has been the one used by the vast majority of such NFTs, which has led to many observers believing that it will be the Ethereum token, and not Bitcoin, that will eventually dominate the cryptocurrency space. 

In terms of this offering from Juventus, users will be able to create five-player teams using the cards they own and then compete against each other in leagues. They will also be able to trade cards with other users on the platform.

This is not the first time that Juventus has dabbled in a blockchain – back in 2018, it partnered with blockchain platform Socios to launch the official ‘Juventus Fan Token’, which allowed fans to be able to engage with the club by being given the power to vote on certain decisions and designs. This is yet another way in which NFTs and blockchain are allowing fans to engage with their favorite sports organizations like never before, and so we can expect more and more clubs to get onto this bandwagon in the near future.

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