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Food Scarcity: Sunday Igboho Ready To Hijack Borders From Customs, Immigration

Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has said that he is going to open up the borders in the South-West to allow foodstuffs, particularly rice.

“After this discussion, we will hold a meeting and open our borders so that rice, food, and other things can enter easily. Enough is enough.

All our borders that the Nigerian government closed, we are telling them we are no longer under them, we will go and open the borders,” he says in Yoruba in a video making the rounds on social media. “We are ready for everything they want to do to us. I am speaking on behalf of Yoruba people.”

Nigeria shares lengthy borders with the Benin Republic across its southwestern parts. The high volume of transborder trading occurs through the Seme Border lying west of Lagos. Traders in the region often bring their goods through the border as it apparently offers cheaper costs compared to the nation’s ports.

Economic activities around the border have however been crippled since the closure of all land borders by the Buhari regime.

Mr. Igboho’s new comments follow others he has made in the past such as there being no basis for one Nigeria as insecurity continues to spread to Yoruba land.

In the video, he encourages Yoruba people living in other parts of the country to return to the southwest.

Mr. Igboho asserts that the Yoruba kingdom is united in the latest agitation, with the backing of all its traditional leaders. In the video, He challenges any Yoruba ruler who does not support him to openly refute his claims.

The activist has been vocal in his controversial and illegal attempt to drive Nigerians of Fulani origin from the South-West, coming to public attention when he issued an eviction notice to herdsmen in the Ibarapa area of Oyo state.

He argues that the reason for his agitation for the expulsion of criminal elements of Fulani origin from the region is done in a bid to secure the future of Yoruba children.

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To me, this is a big joke 🤣🤣🤣

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