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See What My Girlfriend Did After I Said No To Her For The First Time

Hello fellow readers, how have you been?
Please I will try to make this short, but I need your advice.

So I’ve always loved my babe, buy her stuffs, gives her money, takes her out, etc. So tomorrow is her birthday, and she has very bad hair.

We were talking over on phone yesterday, and she asked me to send her money to make her hair, plus she also said she doesn’t have money to do her birthday and wants me to help her with it.

Well, I wanted to help her do her birthday shaa, just to make her happy, but I can’t carry all the responsibilities alone, so I said no to her getting money to do her hair.

I told her to make her hair by herself or wear a wig, since I will be,

Paying for hotel
Buying the cakesBuying the drinks
Buying the meat
Calling DJ to play a song for her and her friends
Plus giving her a gift.

She started acting all up, that she will do the birthday with her friends that she doesn’t need me in it anymore, that her friend will make her hair for free blah blah, and she will sleep over at her friends place. Etc

So guys the question, is this lady really a wife material? Or someone who is just there to eat money and go?

Did I Overreact?

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