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Talk Yah Own! Your Ex Mistakenly Sent You 350K And Begs You To Help Him Return It – Reply In 3 Words

Reflecting on what is happening in different relationships these days, I wondered how people take a relationship to be like a business.

The rate at which people are always having a sense of entitlement in their relationships these days is just so disturbing.

Most ladies are now thinking their body is the best thing they can offer men and men are always thinking money is the only way to reciprocate that.

However, most relationships end these days not because the feelings have expired but because either of the parties can no longer fulfill the desires of their partners.

Now Imagine after ending a relationship, this hilarious thing happened to you, how would you react?

See the thing below:-

So Guys, If This Happens To You

Reply That Your Ex With 3 Words
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