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Youths Beat Pastor To Coma For Refusing Masquerade Ritual In Church Premises

Chaos took the streets of a small town in Kogi State as youths beat up a pastor to coma for refusing to allow traditional masquerade rituals in the church.

Trouble started on Monday when the youths tried to make an entrance inside the Evangelical Church in the Iyano community under the Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Pastor Micheal, the local clergy in charge, denied them from entering the church, which angered the angry youths as they returned at night with weapons, with which they attacked the pastor while he was asleep.

Youths beat pastor to coma for refusing masquerade ritual in church premises

Currently, pastor Michael is in a coma at Idah general hospital.

According to reports of an eyewitness narration;

“They wanted to perform to the gods of the land which we call ‘Ane’ in Igala land. The pastor told them that this is not the right place to do it and they should leave.
After leaving, they came back in the night fully kitted with dangerous objects to beat him to Coma. They were up to 20. We are praying right now that nothing should happen to our brother because he is currently in critical condition.”

The case has been reported to the police station as it is currently undergoing investigation.

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