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RAMADAN KAREEM!! What Is Your Muslim Name And What Is The Meaning?

Salam Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sister. We pray as we start this blessed month of Ramadan with Bismillah may we end it with Alhamdulilah Insha Allah.

Na this kind time we like to dey flaunt our Muslim names up and down both online and offline.

I don’t know if you all remember during the era of BBM, during this period you will see everyone changing their display names to their Muslim names e.g Like ‘Otunba Cashapp‘ to ‘Abdul-Kareem‘ and ‘Bosslady‘ to ‘Fatimah‘ with tesbih and mosque emojis 😂😂

Not sure some of you can even remember your Muslim names and even the meaning of your names since we prefer to be called by our nicknames like ‘Ijoba Spending‘ ‘Olori Lavish‘ and our local names ‘Abike‘ ‘Adio‘ and so on.

So today, we will find out if you still remember your Muslim name and its meaning.

Now let’s get started 👇🏾

What Is Your Muslim Name And What Does It Mean?
NOTE: Please don’t write ‘Islamiat‘ as ‘Isila‘ or ‘Abdul-Razak‘ as ‘Rosko‘ or ‘Razaki‘.

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