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If Buhari Is A Failure, Was Goodluck Jonathan A Success?

With this shambles Buhari administration, Nigerians owe Goodluck Jonathan an apology, really? Like for real?
It’s devastating the way Nigerians forget so easily where we are coming from and how we got here.

Buhari and APC’s administration is a mess no doubt, but does that make Goodluck Jonathan a hero?

The way Nigerians clap and give a standing ovation when former president Goodluck Jonathan walks into a room is funny because all the things happening today started during his government.

When Late Alhaji Musa Yar’adua got hospitalized on February 9th, 2010 and died, May 5th, 2010, Goodluck Jonathan took over and we started experiencing weakness in the leadership of this country.

In all Obasanjo‘s 8years in office, there was nothing like terrorism, Kidnapping, and all the bullshits happening now because OBJ was strong and took no nonsense from anyone.

Late Musa Yar’adua met the Niger Delta militancy crisis when he assumed office and he took a very diplomatic approach in resolving the security issues then by calling for amnesty and properly addressed the agitations of the Niger Delta people, hence an outright end to militancy.

The first time Nigeria will experience kidnapping in schools was during Goodluck Jonathan regime when over 300 school girls were whisked away by terrorists from their school in Chibok.

Goodluck Jonathan failed to secure the release of the girls and of course the number of killings through bombings by Boko Haram skyrocketed during Jonathan’s regime and yet we sing heroic song at the mention of his name in 2021. Abi ori nta yin ni?

The truth is, GEJ was a failure security-wise and he game room for terrorists to comfortably establish themselves to become as deadly as they are today.

You will also recall that the Billions of Naira meant to procure arms that will strenghten our military was embezzled under this same Goodluck Jonathan‘s watch.

As Nigerians, we all thought Buhari was the right person to take over from Jonathan all because of his military background.

Buhari and his campaign team took advantage of the security situation of the country then to convince us all into voting him.

By now, it has now become clear that Buhari was not just the right person to take over from Goodluck Jonathan at that time because he lacks the activeness, knowledge and zeal to defend Nigeria.

Hence, the reason insecurity has eaten deep into our socio-political system and there is no end in-sight – blame this on Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari, they are both failed leaders.

I so submit!!

Guys, what are your thoughts on this? 👇

If Buhari Is A Failure, Was Goodluck Jonathan A Success?
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