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ISRAELI–PALESTINIAN WAR: How It Started, Who Started It, Who’s At Fault

The history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict began over 100yrs ago, but erupted into civil war with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

It is not something anyone can discuss or explain in a day or two, so I’ll try to hit the points only.😉

Various attempts have been made to resolve this ongoing violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, as part of the Israeli–Palestinian peace process, yet it continues. It has been referred to as the world’s “most intractable conflict”

The conflict came from the intercommunal violence in Mandatory Palestine between Israelis and Arabs from 1920 and erupted into full-scale hostilities in the 1947–48 civil war.

What Are They Fighting For?🤔

The whole thing is pointing to two directions. RELIGION & SUPREMACY. But nobody wanna talk about it. The Christian Bible already gave an account and addressed this same issue many years ago. Some of you religious folks know this, but as an irreligious person, I’m not gonna make any reference to/from the Bible.

Some people may agree or disagree with the religion aspect, but it is the truth! Someone made a post on Facebook that the Jews dislike Christians. Lol sounds funny!😂 Who told you that?

The Jews don’t just believe in the New Testament of the Bible, but the Old Testament. Most of them are still anticipating the coming of Christ (Messiah) as promised in the old testament. They don’t believe he had already came, died and resurrected. That’s the difference between them and Christians.

Hebrew Bible

Okay what do you think the Hebrew Bible is made up with. Biology and Chemistry? Old Testament of course.


A lot of the Jews still held on to the story of Issac and Ishmael. I don’t know if y’all understand where I’m heading to.🤔


When this fight started few days ago, did you know what the Jewish police did? They went straight to the central Mosque, and started beating and harassing Muslims during Ramadan prayers. So you see that the whole thing is pointing to religion? Lol

Land Ownership

Another thing is land ownership and supremacy. Who owns Jerusalem. But who truly own Jerusalem? The Jew or Arab? Most of you know the answer to this question already. I’m trying to be diplomatic here lol.

The Bitter Truth

You can’t occupy a man’s land simply because he is long gone, you never know when he’d be back. Israel is back and they are not ready to leave an inch of their land for the illegal occupants (Palestine).

For the fact that you occupied someone’s apartment for years, does not make it yours. The moment the owner want it back, you have no choice but to handover peacefully.

A lady in my community took part of my father’s land because she’s rich and diabolic. Now my father is late and nobody is saying anything about the land. They’re all afraid of her but I’m not! One day, I’ll demolish every structure on my father’s land.

My Opinion

On this recent crisis between Israel and Palestine, personally, I don’t support or stand with anybody. But Israelites have the right to defend themselves. You don’t wait until you get killed by an enemy, to prove a point..how peaceful you are. NO! Fight back.

“Oh Israel shouldn’t have attack Gaza, they should have applied a different approach without killing Palestinians”.

Let me ask you a question. When you fired thousands of rockets/missiles into someone’s home, what was your aim? To kill animals? To kill human beings of course! To kill civilians because the rockets were not targeted to Israeli army barracks, but residential areas of poor innocent people, children. Israel had to defend it citizens.


What y’all saw is IDF(Israel Defense Force). Their duty is to defend and not to strike first. When you hit them, they’d hit you back even more harder. That’s the duty of defense forces in other countries of the world.

What is happening in Gaza right now is not about the Muslims. It’s about a terrorist group(Hamas) just like Boko-Haram in Northern Nigeria. Hamas is attacking Israel from Gaza Palestine, hiding under civilians.


Israel had to fight back! Definitely, civilians will die in the process. If the Nigeria soldiers are determine to crush Boko-Haram today, alot of Northerners will die because the Terrorists are hiding under civilians. 

The question I keep asking is, if  Jerusalem truely belongs to the Palestine, why are they fighting for it with a terrorist group Hamas?

Don’t they have soldiers to fight Israel with? Nope they don’t. The State of Palestine has no land army, nor an air force or a navy. The Palestinian Security Services (PSS, not to confuse with Preventive Security Service) do not dispose over heavy weapons and advanced military equipment like tanks. In other words, Palestinians don’t go to war or look for one. The problem is Hamas.

Right now Israel is telling the world that they’re fighting a terrorist organization and not Palestinians, which seem true because Hamas is a renown terrorist group just like Boko-Ham.

This reminds me of the whole thing that had happened and still happening in Nigeria today. They created monsters and can no longer control the monsters they made.

If Israel intention is to bring Palestine down, it won’t take up to 24hrs to achieve that. Just like when you are 20, fighting with your 5yr old brother. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Palestinians are weak people, just tryna make you understand the situation on ground.

#IStandForPeace. Nobody pray for war, there’s nothing good to write about it.

I drop pen here. –Kikigist 

What’s Your Yake On This?

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